QCMI Precision Manufacturing Facility

“Quality” is the first word in our name.
And “Quality” is the most crucial component of our organization. Throughout the company, beginning with our president, Bob Grande, everyone practices the concepts of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma Methodology. We rely on SPC to monitor and control key processes. We are very proud to have been ISO9001 / AS9100 registered since 2003 — along with being recognized with the prestigious UTC Supplier Gold designation for five consecutive years.

Who Do We Serve?
QCMI is an ideal fit for any industry worldwide that requires the highest level of precision in the machining of general to very complex components and assemblies. We currently provide specialized manufacturing services for the following industries: aerospace; power generation; Department of Defense (DOD); oil and gas; marine; and heavy equipment.

FAA Approved Repair Station
QCMI was issued the USA Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Agency Certificate in 2014. An Air Agency Certificate authorizes a repair station to perform maintenance on airplanes and airplane parts. Aircraft repair stations are required to certify the airworthiness of the parts on which they have performed maintenance. Upon finding that QCMI complies in all respects with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations relating to the establishment of an Air Agency, QCMI was issued the certificate and is authorized to operate an approved FAA repair station with the following ratings: Limited Accessory and Non-Destructive Testing.

QCMI specializes in the precision machining of all metals including exotic alloys. We provide customers with components that have complex shapes, contours, exacting tolerances and stringent quality requirements. Our signature services include: CNC turning, milling, and grinding; conventional machining; welding; EDM; fabrication; inspection; engineering; R&D: aging/annealing; nondestructive testing (NDT); next higher assembly and supply chain management.

CNC Turning
Our CNC turning is capable of swinging diameters up to 55 inches. Our high-performance lathes and VTLs meet a wide range of needs from small, high-speed production to large complex turning.

CNC Milling
Our CNC milling is capable of 3, 4, and 5 axis machining up to 58” x 39” x 34”. We meet a wide range of needs from small high-speed milling to large complex shapes and contours.

Conventional Machining
Our conventional machining is a full service machine shop in itself and is capable of complex prototype and short to mid-size production runs. We also support our in-house tooling and fixture requirements.

CNC / Conventional Grinding
Our CNC and conventional ID/OD grinding and honing capacity goes to 24” diameter x 60” long with a tolerance of .000050”. Our grinding capabilities also include lapping to 18” diameters. We hold flatness measured in helium light bands.

Inspection / Nadcap Accredited for NDT (Nondestructive Testing)
Our state of the art inspection utilizes Brown & Sharpe with PC Dmis and Numerex CMMs. We use the latest software, systems and techniques to ensure all products meet our customers’ requirements and specifications. We are Nadcap accredited to perform Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle nondestructive testing.

NHA (Next Higher Assembly)
We have the capabilities to not only make parts, but also get pieces from other providers and assemble them. In other words, our manufacturing team can take our parts, buy hardware, get parts in from other providers and combine them into the next “higher assembled part.”

Supply Chain Management
Our supply chain management expertise encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics management. It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners, who can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers. Our supply chain management integrates supply and demand within and across companies.

Additional Capabilities & Services
– Manufacturing R&D and Engineering Services
– EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining
– Annealing / Aging
– Fabrication
– Welding
– Sawing
– Vast supplier base to support any additional needs

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